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What if you needed something different, something lurid and intense, to spark your imagination? What if the same old same old stopped turning you on? What if you wanted to know more than an anonymous photo or video upload could tell you? What if there was a way to indulge in delicious depravity, perverse passions, and tawdry temptation?

You're in the right place. Cherish Desire Very Dirty Stories is all about corrupting your innocence and making you shiver in anticipation. Fair warning: our erotica may be too big for one-handed fun.

Very Dirty Stories #1 to #99, Max D, erotica Very Dirty Stories #100 to #199, Max D, erotica Very Dirty Stories #200 to #299, Max D, erotica

Very Wicked Dirty Stories Catalog

Do you believe that the darkness of desires are shadows always encircling the hope of fulfillment and pleasure? Do you believe in the twisted realities fueled by the uninhibited passions and perversity of the chosen? Are you willing to risk their sexual urges, their powerful alliances, and their willingness to defend their own as well as to strike out and forcefully embrace what they require?

You're searching in the right place. Cherish Desire Very Wicked Dirty Stories hint at the unobserved and strange frayed edges of reality that we like to censor or ignore. Ghosts, shapeshifters, and great powers linger just beyond the firelight while watching humanity sleep. Fair warning: waking up may mean they can see you, too.

Very Wicked Dirty Stories, Max D, erotica

Very Dirty Stories - Free Orgasms Catalog

We wanted to share our favorite sex stories. We loved the ones that broke out of the conventional erotica mold, shattered the limitations of casual romance and sex, and dove into detailed and realistic action involving stretching, large sex toy play, vaginal and anal fisting, domination, fantasy monster and animal dildo play, restraints and suspension, elaborate medical and DIY devices, and more. We did it bit by bit, discovering and learning as we went, and challenged readers to be sexually aroused by something truly intense or charmingly subtle.

You've found us. Cherish Desire Very Dirty Stories- Free Orgasms encourages men and women to expose themselves and embrace their fears and desires while pursuing pleasure, passion, and delightfully dirty secrets.

Very Dirty Stories - Free Orgasms, Max D, erotica

Cherish Desire Singles Catalog

Did you need something longer than a one night stand? Did you hope the adventures and sexual exploits of your favorite companions would last? Did you want to binge on collections of deviant delights and sensual struggles for power, control, and submission?

We've got something for you. Cherish Desire Singles go deeper, harder, faster, and expose the soft white underbelly of sensual need while delivering thrust after thrust of sexual intensity and the soothing pleasures of passionate affection.

Cherish Desire Singles, Max D, Lelith L, erotica Cherish Desire Singles Object Confessions, Max D, Lelith L, erotica Cherish Desire Singles Sexy Identities, Max D, erotica Cherish Desire Singles She Comes First, Max D, Lelith L, erotica

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What lurks in the darkness and shadows? What remains of the legends and powers from the old tales? Don't you want to know about kusty shapeshifters, impassioned spirits, dangerous players, and perverse pagan deities who beckon with sordid promises and unseemly urges?

We know you do. Cherish Desire Divinations seeks the truth behind our fevered imaginations and sexual desires. The thin disguise of humanity has been stripped away, and the results include bestial sexual rituals and self-enlightened spirituality that arouse jaded perversions only satisfied with more

Cherish Desire Divinations, Max D, erotica

Suzie, the Voice

Listen closely to Aoidos' voice while she whispers in your ear.

Cherish Desire: Suzie, the Voice


Cherish Desire Singles: "Object Confessions Collection 1 Audiobook" & "Object Confessions 4: Chardonnay Pleasure" on SoundCloud

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Apollyon's Visage


Cherish Desire Singles: Object Confessions Collection 1 Audiobook, Max D, erotica

Cherish Desire Singles: Object Confessions Collection 1 Audiobook, Max D, erotica Cherish Desire Singles: Object Confessions Collection 1 Audiobook, Max D, erotica

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Cherish Desire: "Object Confessions 4 Audio Erotica" written by Max and narrated by Suzie

Get seduced by a free audio release whispered in your ear. Stream or download the MP3 of "Object Confessions 4: Chardonnay Pleasure" from SoundCloud. Cherish Desire Audiobook Edition: Very Dirty Stories Audio Free Erotica Series: Object Confessions 4 Audio Erotica written by Max and narrated by Suzie from Soundcloud, Max, erotica

Narrator, Northwestern Front

"Aoidos' voice," she said quietly while sounding out the syllables. I was already looking that up while she felt out the soft rhythms of the consonants on her tongue. Her kitties were in the living room with her. Sephie was fussing about while Azzie was curled up in a spot in the sun. They seemed to nod in unasked agreement and go back to their inscrutable feline secrets.

This is Suzie's narration persona. The flow of her soft sexy voice that runs fingers through your chest hair and then, with a slow laugh, bites your lip while muttering, "Fuck." She fears nothing. She invites you to strip naked, bare yourself, and hope that her whispering breath takes your virginity. You can picture her looking down from a oracular temple, coaxing the waves of the sea to roughly pound into the rocky shore with a lover's savage desires, and grinning the entire time.

Suzie has been told for years that she has the sexy growl and tender tones of Eros. In the deep Abyss you can imagine her taunting Chaos as her voice drifts along with dark ambient rhythms within her witchhouse music project, Apollyon's Visage. But in person, it's striking how passions flow through her and carve their place in the world with a rough edged blade. She's cussing like a sailor outside of The Pawn Shop while casually sucking down a cigarette after we meet up to review master releases. She's exploring string theory in excited bursts with some friends at a bakery in Edmonton while eyeing some tasty looking cupcakes. She's flipping pages and exclaiming in pleasure while skimming interview transcripts about the upcoming movie project for "In the Mountains of Madness." Passion courses through her like a temptuous sea, swirling currents threatening to drown while foaming whitecaps seem so calm from a distance, and up close you are constantly drawn into the churn and swirl of their hungers.

A dedicated savant of emotions and pleasures, she's the master of books and tomes. She enjoys the macabre, curls up with Lovecraft and Guillermo del Toro, and voraciously consumes the written word and illustrated page. Her eyes light up when you place something new in front of her, and friendships have ended over recommendations for unintelligible pulp like "Twilight" and "Fifty Shades of Grey." Literature, music, and cinema are serious things. Important pieces of a puzzle that Suzie assembles. Every word, every page, every cover, every sound, and every image becomes a shape, colour, and form that is locked away in the unending stacks within her memories.

There was always a risk that Object Confessions would be too dark, too harsh, too stylistic, and too twisted for Suzie's tastes. But West Canadians pride themselves on their rich fetishes and open sexuality. The first demo recordings were inspired, and the texture of Aoidos' voice wove a tapestry of elicit sex and moaning pleasure that tickled jaded ears and dared innocence to flee. Then it was on. The grueling schedule of narrating consumed hours of time, and the regular demos included outtakes that transformed every overly lengthy sentence to an injury blackened with dragon flame.

The final masters are a work of art. Aiodos's voice roars with explicit pleasure and digs deep into the psyches of listeners. The audio edition of "Object Confessions Collection 1" is four and a half hours of undeniably erotic temptations that Suzie has gifted with the stirring exortations of a seductress.

She smiles, extremely pleased with her Dr. Who TARDIS toque, and shares a self-satsfied wink. "Yeah, I knew it would be sexy as hell," Suzie replies while stroking Sephie's head. Her kitty is curled up in her lap for warm cuddles. "But you totally ruined baseball bats, candles, and, well, lots of things for Chris." Brushing back her blue hair, she's resting up. After all, there's so much a talented voice can do!